Overcoming Fear

  Last Halloween I visited a haunted attraction with some friends. It had been a while since I have been to one, and even longer since I have been to this particular attraction. It was a lot different than I remember. I figured I'd go, visit the different attractions and go home. This time around they had some new things built and more things to do. One of the new attractions they had were a few escape rooms. Now, I have never been to an escape room before, talked about it with some friends but never had the time to actually go to one. Seeing this as a perfect opportunity to try it out, we decided to give it a go.
               We had one group in front of us, watched them go in and fail. They didn't even get past the first task of escaping. That was not a confidence booster as I figured I'd gauge my probabilities of success on how they would do. Either way, we were up next. This particular room, we split into two teams and were locked in separate jail cells and had to get out before the timer had run out. As soon as they told us the rules, they closed the door and the timer started. When the timer started I felt the intense sense of impending doom, like I was defusing a bomb or something. Only because it was new to me and I just didn't want to look like a fool in front of the people waiting outside (they can see times). So we began and before we knew it the first task was complete. This unlocked a secret door. When that door flew open a great sense of accomplishment came over me. It was so exciting getting each task done. I couldn't believe how much fun I was having.
              Reminds me of when I made my first game. It was something I was skeptical of starting in fear of failing but I tried anyway. Turns out, after teaching myself, it was a fantastic experience. Learning things and seeing what I learned come to life was an amazing feeling. knowing that I did it and that I was getting better at it was a rewarding feeling. Most of the time fear is like a door and on the other side is the best things in life. Other times there are things like spiders, heights, a pit full of snakes, etc, etc. Sometimes it's better to take that chance to be rewarded. Being afraid to succeed is never a good reason not to try. Failing is just a good reason to restrategize and try harder.  . ...........................................................................................................................

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