Forgotten Essentials

            Too many times when I make a purchase, big or small, other than price, the thing I think about most is one thing. Quality! Seems as time goes on and our lives get busier, we have become ok with sacrificing quality for convenience. It's almost like we have conditioned ourselves to expect less from our everyday lives, when in fact we could have both, not just one or the other. This brought up the question, "how can I give people, both quality and convenience at the same time?


         In the business world, the customer is king. They can sway the opinion of others by leaving reviews or using/wearing your products. Regardless of demographics, at the end of the day, they just want to be happy with their purchase. That in itself is totally expected, right? So why not give them a reason to justify that purchase. Why not, after careful consideration, provide the best materials?  This is where I stopped thinking and took action.


         When it comes to apparel, the first thing off the checklist are materials. Vendors have many options to choose from, so deciding on which pieces to use can be stressful. Fortunately, the people there are very nice and they have a lot of samples. In a shirt, I look for quality most. A shirt should be comfortable and also be able to last after numerous washes. Who knows, I could be making someone's favourite shirt. Second comes printing. I went with DTG printing because it's fast, precise, Cost efficient, and I could provide products at a fair price. It's an easy set-up and easy cleanup, so it's not a lot of downtime when orders need to be filled. It's also easier for the customer. They don't have to worry about the restrictions of other printing processes, like vinyl, where you can't iron over the print. Or screen printing where the print cracks over time. I wanted the best quality all around.  


As you can see, a few components go into making the perfect tee.  Honestly, there isn't much room for compromise in the apparel department. You either put the work in, give the customers what they want and thrive, or not and fail. I think i'll go with the former.




Kendal Macer, Founder


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