Starting something new is always exciting. You gain new experiences and knowledge, especially if it's something you are passionate about. These days starting a business is like starting a puzzle that's a million pieces. First, you look at everything and try to gauge how much work needs to be done. Once you dive in, you start putting all the edges together and work your way in. Same with a fundamentally crafted business plan. Coming up with an absolute basic plan to keep you going forward and growing. After a while, you start to figure out that you can start putting all the pieces in groups based on colors. You start to approach the puzzle differently from when you started. Seeing that you can get more done with a little strategy. The puzzle is still far from being finished. You know now that it's going to take a lot of dedication and sacrifice to put this puzzle together. This is where most quit and leave the puzzle unfinished. Thinking it will take too long and will take too much effort to complete, but you have to realize that the grind helps you see the bigger picture.


               My first passion was cars. I absolutely loved working on them any chance I could get. I could talk about them all day. Way before I even thought about starting a business I worked extremely hard so I could get all the parts that I wanted. When you are passionate about something, you always find a way to make a situation work out. You start to make sacrifices so you can make more time/money for the thing you love. This goes back to the puzzle. As you go along with it and it's starting to come together, you start to genuinely enjoy working on this. It turns from "task" to hobby, and from hobby to a passion. A puzzle is one of those things that can grow on you quickly because you are able to see the progress as you go. Like with cars. You add a performance mod or go from stock exhaust to performance exhaust and hear and feel the difference immediately. Aside from progress, you eventually explore your curiosity and want more. You want to accomplish more, you want to learn more, you want to give yourself more to do. Once you are passionate about something, it no longer becomes a task/job. It becomes a lifestyle.


             The good thing about having a particular lifestyle is that you aren't alone. There are others who share the same passion as you. They may not have got into it the same way that you may have, which is a good thing because you can learn something from them. This is also important for growth in anything. Learning new things in order for you to grow mentally and allow the business to grow in more ways than one. I try to take time out of every day to brainstorm on how I can grow, so the business can grow.


Growing helps to see the bigger picture. Being passionate helps growth. Growing is key. The same way a puzzle grows as all the pieces come together. Same in life and in business. Growth driven by passion is a success in the making. Grow, be passionate, be successful. 




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