Insane Auto Fest News

Saturday turned out to be a not so good day for the festival. Barely anyone came in. We had a lot of people drive by but never decided to come in. I am assuming it was because of the lack of attendance at the time. If everyone who came by came in we definitely would have had a very nice event for Saturday. 


Sunday's event was a good turnout. We have people from different clubs come out, Mustangs of Maryland came out to support the cause and we definitely appreciate that. With the anticipation of rain, the classic cars decided to leave the event. It then started to rain for about 20 minutes. Even though it was only 20 minutes, it still was enough to run everyone out. We decided to wrap up at that time because the vehicles that did come out had left. No cars, no event. Again the way this event turned out this weekend was not intended even if Sunday's event went well. I would like to thank everyone who came out to support The Most Fortunate Foundation!


We thank everyone for their interest and we have learned so much from this event and will work diligently to make next years better. This was our first event and won't let Saturday's results hold us back on improving and becoming a better company because of it. 

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