Porch Pirates: Tips!

             These days it seems as if you have more uncertainty than ever! Whether its trying your hardest not to get scammed online, either with information you want or information someone is trying to get from you. In person as well! One of the biggest issues sweeping the nation these days are porch pirates. You ever order something and you check your delivery app? You look and behold, it says DELIVERED! Only for you to race to your porch and your package not be there? You may have just been a victim of a porch pirate. They don't know what you ordered, nor do they care. All they care about is getting some free merchandise. It could be your new phone that you ordered or those crickets for your pet lizard. They do not care. They steal and steal, in hopes of getting the jackpot of something they want. 

            It's a shame you can't even receive a package like normal these days. Its a shame you can't even trust your neighbors like you used to be able to. If you have already been a victim you may have changed the way you allow delivery companies to drop off packages to you. If you haven't then it may be time to jump the gun and protect yourself from these thieves!


Here are a few tips to help you fight off (not literally) porch pirates.


1. Grab a doorbell camera (ring, nest, etc) 

These come in handy and help deter thieves. They also provide you with recordings of every person or moving object that comes close to your door. They see these and hopefully are smart enough to stay away.


2.  Pick up at your local shipping center

If you track your packages on a mobile app or website you may have the option to pick up your package(s) at your local shipping center. Your local post office, FEDEX, UPS, ETC all offer these options. Also if you have accounts they may allow you to schedule when your package will be delivered. This is extremely useful when you are busy working or taking care of family for example.


3.  Leave notes for the delivery driver.

Now this one works sometimes but you run a risk of thieves seeing these notes as well. Really the thieves are taking a risk by being on your property for longer than than it would take for a quick grab and go. Some delivery drivers are nice enough to follow directions and put your packages where you deem for them to be safe. 


4.  Keep track of your deliveries.

Finally you could just be home and be on the lookout for the delivery truck to come by and drop your packages off. You could look at your delivery tracking app every 5 minutes from the time you ordered it till it arrives at your door. Some apps give more info than others. So plan accordingly!



I hope this helps you fight off what may possibly be the most annoying thing to happen to you during your week. You already have things that stress you out. Take action and fighting off and added stress for you!

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