Insane Wash & Wax 16oz

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INSANE WASH & WAX is a highly concentrated liquid soap. Luxurious suds lift and hold dirt in suspension to be easily rinsed away.  INSANE Wash & Wax leaves a just waxed finish and will not harm previously applied wax or sealant.


  • Shell pink color
  • Cherry fragrance
  • Concentrated formulation


  • Rinses free and without streaking
  • pH balanced and safe for all paint types
  • Sheeting action promotes a just waxed look

Use for:

  • Hand washing
  • Exterior paint, chrome, glass, rubber, plastic, and vinyl
  • Economical per use cost

How to use:

Consult SDS for complete safety information before using.  Do not use in direct sunlight.  Because our car soaps are highly concentrated, following our dilution recommendations will allow for easy rinsing and no streaking.  Do not let soap dry on the surface.

  • Mix up to 200 parts water with 1 part product.
  • Wet surface with cool water.
  • Using just the suds, clean the vehicle from top to bottom using a sponge or wash mitt.
  • Rinse the vehicle from the top down, using low pressure.
  • Remove any excess water with a water blade, chamois, or microfiber towel.

Tech Tip: Clean tires and wheels with a separate sponge or wash mitt. Silicone previously applied to tires can reduce or eliminate car wash suds if mixed with the soap solution.  Team Insane LLC assumes no liability for damages resulting from improper application.