Insane Tire Gel 16oz

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INSANE TIRE GEL is a premium, ready-to-use, solvent-based silicone dressing.  Use to treat rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces.  Insane Tire Gel coats surfaces to prevent drying, fading, cracking, and hardening while leaving behind a high gloss shine.


  • Purple color
  • Pleasant grape fragrance
  • High-quality silicone


  • Creates a water-resistant barrier while beautifying surfaces
  • Conditions and restores luster
  • Interior and exterior use

Use for:

  • Tire dressing
  • Retail detailing
  • Used car reconditioning

How to use:

  • Consult SDS for complete safety information before using
  • Do not apply to seat bottoms, steering wheel, or foot pedals. This product can cause these surfaces to be slippery.
  • Not recommended for engines
  • Interior & Exterior
    • Surfaces should be cleaned before applying INSANE TIRE GEL
    • Wipe or spray-on vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces
    • Allow to air dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth
  • Tires
    • Surfaces should be cleaned before applying INSANE TIRE GEL
    • Apply product on sponge or applicator pad
    • Wipe on tire with sponge or pad
    • Allow product to thoroughly dry before moving vehicle

Tech Tip: Improper application of solvent-based dressings on tires may result in product sling that can stain painted surfaces. We recommend applying with a sponge, applicator pad, or brush in very light coats.  Team Insane LLC assumes no liability for damages resulting from improper application.


Disclaimer: the bottle in some pictures are pre-production bottles.