Insane Tire Gel

From the first day Team Insane was created, Cars have been the goal in what we wanted to achieve. From dream cars to car shows, THIS is the next chapter! Through relentless testing and refinement, I bring to you Insane Tire Gel. A mineral oil based formula lasts longer than other water based formulas. Keeping that dripping wet look for long periods of time.

The not-so secret formula

That dripping wet look is so hard to find when looking for tire shine. Most give you a nice shine but fade after only a few hours. That's due to the water based formula drying up. Insane Tire Gel is mineral oil based, so not only do you get the shine you want, but it lasts as well.


No Matter The Car

No Matter Person

No Matter The Weather

Insane Tire Gel is easy for anyone to apply

Directions (For absolute best results)


Step 1: Strip your tire of any and all dirt or substance from your tire. Do this by using a tire cleaner or something like a dish detergent ( This method should be used on your tires only)

Step 2: Apply a small amount of Insane Tire Gel to the tire applicator. This is so you do not over apply the gel. You can always add more but taking away is just wasting the gel at that point. Apply until your tire appears dripping wet. Should be able to see a slight reflection in the tire.

Step 3: Wipe off all the extra thats dripping on the tire. This way when you drive there wont be any splatter that will end up on your recently washed vehicle. Anything extra on the tire will become a subject of centrifugal force.

Step 4: Let Insane Tire Gel sit out of elements for at least 2 hours. After all that, you need to let Insane Tire Gel bond to the tire. Out of the elements means out of the rain, sleet, snow, and direct sunlight. So pretty much in nothing but shade and clear weather. This is important to give you that shine for longer periods of time.

This is a mineral oil based Gel so this will not go away by itself for your next wash. You have to repeat process for the same great results every time. You love your car, right? So no biggie!

Tips to prevent sling
(for any tire shine product)

-Don’t use more than you have to. Apply little by little. You shouldn’t have the product dripping down the tire or the wheel. Insane Tire Gel is not a product you need to cake on.

-Keep the product out of the tread. This is a big cause of sling. When it “pools” up between the tread it will never get enough time to set/dry so centrifugal force will sling it right onto your vehicle. Try to keep Product on the face of tire.

-Allow time for the product to set in. The longer you allow for your product to sit the better. Which will allow for your product to stick to the tire.

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