Insane Ceramic Wash 16oz

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INSANE CERAMIC WASH is a great way to boost and prolong the existing car wax on your vehicle.  This wash contains synthetic polymers that restore a deep, glossy shine to the paint.  The high-quality ingredients in INSANE CERAMIC WASH will not remove or strip the existing wax off the vehicle; they preserve and reinforce them for a deeper, longer-lasting shine!


  • Creates a deep shine like you’ve never seen
  • Fast drying and leaves no residue
  • Concentrated formulation


  • Highly concentrated, economical cost per use
  • Safe on all paint types and coatings
  • Quickly enhances painted surfaces, glass, chrome, and mirrors

Use for:

  • General cleaning
  • Quick touch up to remove dust and fingerprints
  • Creating an attractive gloss

How to use:

  • Consult SDS for complete safety information before using
  • For best results ensure the vehicle is out of direct sunlight and the surface is cool to the touch
  • Dilute with cool water
  • Wet surface with cool water
  • Wash vehicle from top-down with mitt or brush
  • Rinse the vehicle from the top down, using low pressure
  • Chamois dry with clean chamois

Tech Tip: Rinse off car soap with low pressure to minimize beading which can cause water spots.  We also recommend the two-bucket wash method.